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Neue Weltsicht The Heart: An Endocrine Gland ArtNr.: IKW13-17

Marco Rado

  • The Heart: An Endocrine Gland
The Heart: An Endocrine Gland (Marco Rado)

This dvd was recorded in September 2013 at the international congress for kinesiologie and healing in vienna.

Content of the Lecture:
The Heart is not just a pump; it is a very complex organ and ... an endocrine gland.
Yes! The Heart produces several hormones and the most interesting one is Oxytocin, which is involved with love, personal relationship, sex, falling in love, learning and memory.
In the last few years a new branch of science has been developed: neurocardiology, the study of the Heart as a complete brain.
Yes! We have more than one brain: the first brain (the cranial brain), the second brain (the gastrointestinal brain) and the third brain (the cardiac brain). The biochemical aspects of the cardiac brain influence the functions of the cranial brain.
All this information will be presented from a scientific perspective and through the Traditional Chinese Medicine’s point of view.

Short CV
Marco Rado started studying Kinesiology 20 years ago and, after studying many different approaches, he specialized in the branch of Kinesiology called Applied Physiology (which he was the first to introduce in Italy). He has deepened his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Manual Medicine, like Osteopathy and Fascial Manipulation. From 2003 on he has developed his own classes, integrating western science and eastern traditional knowledge.
He is a renowned speaker and lecturer and has presented many papers at national and international conferences, always trying to give a scientific explanation for Kinesiology and Energy Medicine. Now he is focusing on the Heart-Brain Interactions and the energy aspects of the Heart.

OrderNr: IKW13-17

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