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Neue Weltsicht Clinical Touch for Health - An Embodiment of the Emerging Wellness Paradigm ArtNr.: IKW13-65

Matthew Thie

  • Clinical Touch for Health - An Embodiment of the Emerging Wellness Paradigm
Clinical Touch for Health - An Embodiment of the Emerging Wellness Paradigm (Matthew Thie)

This dvd was recorded in September 2013 at the international congress for kinesiologie and healing in vienna.

Content of the Lecture:
The TfH clinical approach means teaching TfH in a clinical setting, whether one-on-one in private sessions, or as part of a workshop where participants serve as case-studies and the concepts and techniques are learned through exposure to many authentic individual sessions. Client/student education may be informal when TfH is integrated as an aspect/approach in the practice of chiropractic, massage etc. without a formal training program or certification. The clinical approach may also be integrated with the standard IKC Syllabus and Instructor Certification program. John Thie’s Clinical TfH refers to the particular way that TfH founder, Dr. John F. Thie, developed to practice and teach TfH, usually in an intensive retreat, emphasizing the basic core features of TfH, and enhancing them with an enriched approach to listening, dialogue, interviewing, goal-setting and use of metaphor to make the TfH balance a profoundly meaningful and transformative process, embodying the new Paradigm of Wellness development.

Short CV:
President, Touch for Health Education, Inc.
B.A, Literature, UC Berkeley, 1988; M.Ed. Education, UCLA in 1990;
TfH Instructor since 1980; TfH Instructor Trainer 2003; IKC Director, 2007.
As the third son of Dr. John & Carrie Thie, Matthew grew up with Touch for Health (TfH) and Effective Communication skills as part of his everyday family system. Matthew presents TfH as a learning process that anyone can be trained to use for their ongoing, day-to-day optimization of life experience. His emphasis is on immediately putting the simple techniques into personal practice, and making the concepts and techniques personally meaningful. From 1996 to 2005 Matthew worked extensively with TfH founder , John F. Thie, DC. Co-authoring articles and books; organizing seminars; teaching TfH I-IV; and speaking at national and international Energy & Kinesiology conferences. Matthew co-authored the TfH Pocketbook with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors (2003) and the TfH Complete Edition (2005) and has taught the TfH Metaphor Workshop to over 1000 students throughout Europe and the Western Hemisphere, making TfH balancing more profound, effective, lasting, and meaningful; helping people to enjoy their own unique life.

OrderNr: IKW13-65
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