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Neue Weltsicht Morning Sickness, Electric Fences and Compassion Fatigue. ArtNr.: IKW13-61

Wayne W. Topping

  • Morning Sickness, Electric Fences and Compassion Fatigue.
Morning Sickness, Electric Fences and Compassion Fatigue (Wayne W. Topping)

This dvd was recorded in September 2013 at the international congress for kinesiologie and healing in vienna.

Content of the Lecture:
As therapists and counsellors work with those suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) it is very apparent that many of the first-responders (police, fire fighters, paramedics), Red Cross workers, counsellors and journalists can develop vicarious PTSD, also known as Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder (STSD), Survivor Guilt, Burnout, Bystander PTSD, or Compassion Fatigue. We will examine and demonstrate two types of imbalances – one related to the bronchia and the other related to mournfulness – which empirical experience suggests increases the likelihood you will be adversely affected by working with people who have been traumatized.

Short CV:
Wayne Topping was born in New Zealand and graduated from Victoria University with a PhD in geology and a special interest in volcanoes. While teaching university-level geology in the United States he developed a strong interest in holistic health and became a Touch for Health Instructor in 1977. In 1980 he trained with John Barton at the Biokinesiology Institute in Talent, Oregon to become a Biokinesiology Instructor. Wayne became an IKC faculty member for the United States in 2000, moved to Burnley, England in 2010 and is now IKC faculty for Russia and Hungary. Wayne has founded and developed 17 courses in Wellness Kinesiology. He has written several books and has taught extensively in 23 countries.

OrderNr: IKW13-61
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